Pharmacy Solutions have compiled recent Androgenetic alopecia (AA) research and coupled the results of various ingredients with cutting edge drug delivery technology to provide a foam that addresses the multiple influences of hair loss.

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Pharmacy Solution’s Formulation

The formulation is, in essence, a mild cosolvent system that evaporates after application, thereby transforming into a myriad of flexible vesicles that wrap the active ingredients in a phospholipid/ethanol/surfactant composite to help drive the ingredients into the skin and hair follicles. Vesicle formation was confirmed via light microscopy (1000x) and this particular delivery system has provided a significant advantage in the transport of numerous pharmaceuticals into and through the skin. In summary, our new foam formulation is elegant, formulated with EWG class (1-3) excipients, propellant free, and addresses the shortcomings of the older commercial formulations by incorporating contemporary research in androgenetic alopecia, and topical drug delivery as well.

Formulation Benefits

  • Formulated at the scalp and is pH friendly, which will help minimize scalp irritation.
  • This is the first product to combine these three active ingredients, which may synergistically promote hair growth.
  • Uses advanced drug delivery technology through the inclusion of synergistic inactive ingredients resulting in formation of microscopic vesicles that enhance drug delivery into the skin and possibly the hair follicle.
  • Previous studies of this technology have demonstrated enhanced skin deposition, transport, and clinical effect of all actives tested and is expected to provide a similar enhancement in hair growth.

Formulation Information

Formulation: Minoxidil 2%, Caffeine 0.5%, Levocetirizine 0.5% foam
Directions: Massage 1-2 pumps of foam into affected areas of scalp twice daily. If possible, moisten scalp before applying.
Side effects: Redness, transient burning/irritation are possible.
Allergy warnings: Avoid if allergic to soy products. Also avoid if patient had hypersensitivity reaction to minoxidil, levocetirizine (or cetirizine), or caffeine previously.
Quantity: 60mL