Sahar’s dedication to helping others achieve their ideal beauty, paired with her extensive pharmaceutical and nutraceutical knowledge, brings to life her premier skin care line. Created on a foundation of health, happiness, and well-being, Sahar’s products will refresh, restore, and awaken your skin.

Her product line offers a full regimen of balanced, yet powerful solutions to build the foundation of vibrant, healthy skin. Cleanse, tone, and illuminate your complexion with powerful, and proven ingredients.

The Science Behind Sahar’s Skin Care Line


Refresh and renew your skin with premium products packed with numerous vital nutrients to unleash cellular energy to optimize your skin at its foundation.


Restore the youthful glow of health and wellness with luxurious, proven pharmaceutical grade nutrients and the best nature has to offer.


Awaken your skin’s full potential with Sahar’s innovative formulas, designed to enhance and protect your natural beauty.

Sahar's Skin Care Refining Cleanser

Balancing Toner

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Sahar's Skin Care Refining Cleanser

Foaming Cleanser

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Sahar's Skin Care Luminous Face Cream

Luminous Face Cream

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Sahar's Skin Care Reviving Eye Gel

Reviving Eye Gel

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Sahar's Skincare Selection

Sahar’s Skin Care Selection

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